Why do Hot Boys Always Have to be Straight?

As I said in my earlier post, I am gay and proud.  Being gay in this day and age has its difficulties.  One thing is that there are flipping ignorant people in the world who are filled with hate and negativity. Also, hot boys always seem to be straight.

It is a simple fact of life. For example, you can dream that the hot jock that sits by you in your Spanish class will marry you and have children with you, but it is not going to happen. He will marry some skinny blonde ex-cheerleader while you are a bitter queen who eats too much. Why will this happen? It happens because the world is telling you that being hot doesn’t mean they are a good person. That boy is a jerk, by the way. So, in a messed-up, twisted way, the universe is helping you. It is having you wait for what seems like forever until your Prince Charming will sweep you off your feet and kiss you and marry you and your life will be the end of a Disney movie.

I often wonder who I will marry. Will he be hot and muscular and have a hot exotic accent? Or a sweet, sensitive, smart and witty guy? I wonder about this a lot. But I am only 14,mind you. My love life is still waiting to take flight. Ready your wings, love life. I am ready to soar.


6 thoughts on “Why do Hot Boys Always Have to be Straight?

    • LOL! Listen to me, Man Eater. You’re 14 and your hormones are raging like a hurricane. Or a himmicane? Take a deep breath. There are a lot of safe ways to blow off that steam. Here’s the thing: You’re NOT (repeat N-O-T) the only gay kid in the closet in your high school / town / county. All the hot boys aren’t straight. And all the straight boys aren’t hot. Here’s the thing I didn’t know when I was 14: people respect confidence. Even bullies. So go about your business. Focus on what you’re good at, what you love, and practice. Whether it’s a team sport or an individual sport like running or swimming or cycling. Whether it’s chess or theatre or astronomy. Get really good at what you love. It’ll give you confidence. It will also put you in the midst of other people (kids and adults) who share your interests and get to see you as a whole person. The bullies will start to avoid you. Know why? Because bullies are bullies because they lack self-esteem. It’s true. They pick on people who they sense are vulnerable. It makes them feel higher up on the totem pole. But they’re not. They’re bottom-feeders. Ignore them. Pump yourself up. Not in an obnoxious way. Just do things that make you feel good about yourself. It is the best armor. Plus, you end up feeling really good about yourself. Not a bad deal. OK, so that is about the best advice I’ve ever given anyone! 🙂 Think about it. Does it make sense to you? If it does, dive in. Pay attention to yourself. You’ll be fine. You’ll be great.

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